Introduction to computer science

Algorithm and data structure

Software Engineering

Design thinking

Computer networks

Modeling and analysis of information systems

0- Information and exam results

1- Introduction to computer science - Utility software

Semester organisation: instructions

1.1- Microsoft Office: Word and Excel 2010


Lab 01a - Word2010 basic formatting: instructions and sample file

Lab 01b - Word2010 equation editor: instructions

Lab 02a - Inserting tables in Word2010 file: instructions

Lab 02b - Page layout and graphics in Word2010: instructions, sample file and images


Lab 3 - overview of Excel2010 functionality: instructions and excel file (template)

Visual Basic for Applications

VBA1 - introduction: instructions

VBA2 - insight in language: instructions and text fragments

VBA3 - Manipulate Userforms: instructions

1.2- Corel Draw

Lab 09a - Drawing basics: instructions and cdr sample file.

Lab 09b - The Sunset fresco: instructions.

Lab 10a - The trimming action: instructions.

Lab 10b - The clipping action: instructions and sample picture.

Lab 11a - Text Edition: instructions.

Lab 11b - Creating spray file: instructions and sample picture.

Lab 12 - Leaflet: instructions and sample pictures.

1.3- Tests/challenges

Final US challenge: instructions.

2- Algorithms and Data Structures

2.1- Laboratories

Lab4: hashing (instruction, sample)

Lab5: lossless image compression (instruction, files)

Lab6: Levenshtein distance (instruction, files)

2.2- Tutorials

3- Software Engineering

4- Design thinking

4.1- DICE material

Tasks of First face: Discover.

Tasks of Second face: Interpret.

Tasks of Third face: Ideate.

Tasks of fourth face: Create.

Tasks of fifth face: Evolve.

Tasks of sixth face: Expose.

Supporting presentations.

Get a DT flavour: introduction and snapshot.

Discover face: Participants and places quest.

Discover face: Art of questioning.

Intrepret face: Interpretation.

Ideate face: Ideate.

Create face: Create.

4.2- Useful links

Well-kwown DT places and access to DT material.

d.school @ Stanford: collection of methods

AC4D (Austin Center for Design): their design library and approach to ill-defined/wicked problems

IDEO: HCD toolkit

Notosh: design thinking lab

Scott Klemmer: videos on DT for HCI

Usefull media to get insight into specific aspects of the process.

A good article on empathy exploration, ethnography and stuff like that.

A nice illustration movie about the power of empathy in DT .

A good insight into the art of questioning.

DT success stories.

Business success in in skin care product.

Well known dschool success story about baby incubator.

Doug Dietz: liberate apprehension of MRI.

DT at IBM!!!!!!!!!!

THe coffee revolution from Starbucks

5- Computer networks

Application layer: ppsx presentation

Transport layer: ppsx presentation

Network layer: ppsx presentation

6- Modelling and Analysis of Information Systems

Link to lectures here

7- Archives

7.1- Visual Basic and Delphi

You will find lecture presentations and lab instructions here

7.2- Database

The program concerned Microsoft Access, introduction to MySql and Php to generate dynamic webpages.

You will find laboratory instructions here



I propose a series of exciting projects mainly dealing with image processing and analysis of X-ray tomography images. If you are interested in projects with real scientific applications, don't hesitate to contact me. I am also keen in supervising your own projects.

Academic year: 2014-2015

Project titleDegreeAvailable
Home medication storage managementBSc/MScYes
Mobile application to record and analyze team workBSc/MScYes
Development of a web database for KIS articlesBScYes
Applying graph theory in materials science: case study of foamsBScYes
Creation of 3D movies of tomography data using AVIsynth/Virtualdub and Amira softwareBScYes
Development of friendly texture image editorBScYes
Developing AFM software for quantitative analysis of graphene propertiesBScYes
Algorithms to study the distribution and the geometry of defects in 3D images of ultrasonic spot welded material (USW)MScYes
Development of a web database to improve the system of patient's follow-up from different medical facilitiesMScYes
Smart mobile application for home garden managementMScYes
Automatic recognition of plant disease in Polish home gardenMScYes
Mobile application for interactive instruction guide of science museum ExperymentariumMScYes